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Need a personal car loan? Getting a loan doesn’t need to be difficult. Let Wolfe Financial make things easy for you.  Whether you need a secured or unsecured loan, low interest rates, low monthly fees, quick quotes and approval time or fast funding Wolfe Financial will work to find what will fit your needs. Across Canberra we are known for making things easy for our clients. We guarantee we will go above and beyond to make this lending process effortless and comfortable by finding you the most suitable loan.

Whatever car loan you are looking for we will find for you.


Treating yourself? Need to upgrade to a child friendly vehicle for your growing family? A new car loan is likely what you are after.

New car loans are secured by the value of the car and since these loans pose a low risk to lenders, they have lower interest rates and fixed repayments, which also make them easy to budget for.


Buying your first car? Perhaps a used car is within your budget? A used car loan may be what you’re after. Used car loans are generally for cars that are over two or three years old but this can vary.


An unsecured car loan is when the lenders have no collateral on the money borrowed. Due to the high risk factor of an unsecured loan for the lender, the interested rates are generally higher. You would choose these loans if you’d like more flexibility with your loan as they offer variable rates which allow you to pay off the loan at any time without pay out costs as well as not having your car tied to the loan.


If you are a home owner you may be able to use a redraw facility or a credit line to access your mortgage in order to borrow or buy a car. This can be a beneficial option as generally through this avenue you can access lower interest rates and have the convenience of all your repayments becoming one.

If you need help with your car finances call us today and one of our friendly advisors will be happy to help.

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